When people are serious about pursuing an interest, talent or career, they typically go to school to become certified, whether that means earning a certificate, degree or license to practice their art. Why should things be any different when it comes to the art of fly fishing? If you’re serious about taking your passion to the next level, check out these top fly fishing schools for anglers of every level.

Orvis Fly Fishing School

Founded by Charles F. Orvis in Manchester, Vermont in 1856, Orvis is the country’s oldest and longest operating fly fishing business. The company offers two-day fly fishing schools in locations across the country. Taught by the United States’ most talented instructors, these classes are designed to help beginning anglers learn how to fish or to help advanced fishers hone their skills with classes in wingshooting and catching specific types of fish and private lessons.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School

Founded by former Orvis-instructor Spencer Morton, Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School offers classes to clients of all ages and skill levels with a hands-on teaching approach designed to create functional fly fishing skills and a lifelong passion.

Royal Wulff Products

The Wulff School of Fly Fishing is considered one of the most highly esteemed fly fishing schools in the United States. Founded by Lee and Joan Wulff in 1979, it is a great avenue for improving your cast and techniques. These three-day classes are guaranteed to improve your casting, confidence and knowledge.

Atlanta Fly Fishing School

Calling all Southerners: If you’re looking for a place to improve your cast, head to Atlanta! People from across the world, from beginners to seasoned veterans, have taken classes at this esteemed school to improve their techniques. From basic casting to advanced fishing techniques, don’t miss their master certified instructors and casual environment.

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