The summer Olympics are an exciting time when nations join together to watch their best athletes compete for the gold. This unprecedented show of unity inspires citizens of every country to put aside their differences and enjoy a few days of exciting competition. The 2016 Summer Olympics mark the 31st Olympic Games and a record number of participating athletes and events. Celebrate this exciting time by hosting a friendly competition with your friends in your own backyard. Check out these tips for hosting your own Fly Fishing Olympics!

1. Choose your events. With a record 42 sports and 306 events, the 2016 Olympics are sure to be epic. Pit your friends against each other in fly tying, casting and rowing, and even throw in some traditional games, such as volleyball and a 50 yard dash!

2. Make sure you have all of your equipment. An Olympic swimmer can’t race without his trunks and cap. Buy a few cheap rods, or use old ones that you don’t have to worry about. Make sure you have plenty of materials for the fly tying race and plenty of line for the casting competition. Another great thing to invest in is cheap gold, silver and bronze medals for the winners!

3. Test it out first. Every event has a preliminary trial. If you’re going to be casting in the backyard, be sure to test it out first. Eliminate any obstacles, and watch out for trees!

4. Choose an impartial judge. Your friends don’t have to be fly fishing fanatics to enjoy the games. Invite your non-fishing friends to be the official judges. You can even make them score cards for added fun.

5. Make a night of it. An Olympic party is nothing without food and drinks. Make your favorite fish-themed appetizers (think shrimp cocktail, grilled scallops, lobster rolls or sushi), stock up on your favorite beer or wine and watch the opening ceremonies together!

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