If you’re counting down the days until Old Man Winter goes back into hibernation, then you know that spring is right around the corner! And after hitting the gym all winter, the outdoor maven in you is probably dying to get outside. The entire routine can become mundane and robotic: go to the gym, see “your” machine, sweat it out for an hour, go home and repeat. If your workouts have become a little lackluster, get yourself a better view! If you’re looking for new, unique ways to take your workout outdoors, look no further! Check out these amazing workouts that you can do alone or with your friends.

Ditch the treadmill, and turn any park into a gym by running, biking, hiking or walking outside. Take in the warm spring air, beautiful scenery of budding flowers, and occasional spring shower. Research shows that 30 minutes of cardio each day can increase heart and lung health and improve muscle mass, so grab the girls and get outside!

If you want to stay close to home, you can find exercise equipment in the most unexpected places. Take your strength training outside — you can do high knees, lunges, and squats right in your own backyard. Use your porch or patio stairs for step-ups or calf raises to tone your legs, or use a vacant park bench for triceps dips.

Are you more of a yoga maven? Work on your balance, toning, and Zen by grabbing your mat and enjoying a relaxing yoga session outdoors with nature as your soundtrack. Not only will you start your day more relaxed and focused, but yoga can also help lower blood pressure and decrease stress.

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