If you’re a fly fishing fanatic, you may be considering working a few nautical decorations into your big day. However, if you’ve ever searched the internet for wedding décor fails, you know that when not done properly, a theme can really become a disaster. Pull your theme off with class with these tips from Maven Fly.

The number one tip for pulling off a wedding theme is don’t overdo it. Not every single detail has to be related to fly-fishing. The number one theme of a wedding should be, well, a wedding! Think of ways to incorporate the theme subtly. You don’t have to get married beside a lake (unless you just want to) to get the message across. For example, try incorporating some of your DIY fly ties in small areas, such as the boutonnieres, flower arrangements, and centerpieces. This will add a small, sweet detail without drawing attention away from the venue or the bride and groom. You could also incorporate some hidden details, such as fishing-inspired socks for the groom and groomsmen or even something more lasting like an inscription inside your wedding bands — “The Catch of a Lifetime” has a nice ring to it!

When you’re creating the seating chart for the reception, instead of numbering the tables, name them after the best fly-fishing catches. For example, instead of Table No. 1, your parents may be sitting at Table Rainbow Trout. The cake topper is another small embellishment that you can have fun with! Consider the classic “hooked” groom or something more creative like a customized topper that says “Reel Love.” Another fun reception idea — a fishing-themed signature drink. Lake water, anyone?

You can easily use fly-fishing props during your post-wedding photos, and you can also use your favorite pastime as inspiration for your wedding favors. The possibilities are endless! If you want to avoid a wedding theme altogether but still want your passion for fly-fishing to be part of your big day, consider sending out themed save-the-dates. Less formal than the actual invitations, save-the-date photoshoots are a time to show your silly side. Slip into your waders and have a ball!

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