In today's always-connected world, it can sometimes feel like our cell phones and computers are a part of us instead of helpful tools to get a job done. No matter what's going on at the office or in the world of social media, sometimes it can be healthy to unplug and give your body and mind a reset. Here are just a few tips from Maven Fly on how to find your serenity away from the glow of electronic screens.

Move your workout outdoors. Break away from the gym and take your daily workout to your local neighborhood park. Breathing in fresh air during yoga or tai chi in the grass can definitely help you find your center. Plan a hike right around sunrise or sunset — that way, you'll be treated to the dramatic shift in sunlight. No 4K monitor can compare to the crisp beauty Mother Nature can provide.

Plan a picnic with loved ones. Eating meals together face to face trumps any FaceTime app for creating a real connection to the people in your life. Grab the kids, pack a basket full of healthy snacks (think apple slices and granola bars), and bring a blanket big enough to hold everybody. Bring along a Frisbee or a soccer ball to burn off some extra energy before the meal.

Share your passion for fly fishing. If there are special friends and family members in your life who haven't yet been introduced to the serenity that can be found from a day on the river, now would be a great time to teach them! Take them out to your favorite spot to practice the basics, from how to tie a fly to the right techniques for casting. Sure there's no high score or leader board, but you just might find yet another convert hooked on the fly-fishing lifestyle.

Screen time may be a fact of everyday life, but there are always opportunities to step away from it all, recharge, and reconnect to what matters. Take the time today to unplug.

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