If the kids have been spending a little too much time hunting for fictional animals in "Pokemon Go," maybe it's time to experience nature with their very own scavenger hunt. It's easy to throw together, and it's a great way for the little ones to open their eyes and get up close and personal with the natural world around them. Kick off your scavenger hunt with these tips from Maven Fly:

Prepare your list: There are endless possibilities to add to your scavenger hunt list, and a lot of it depends on where you plan to do your hunting. If you plan the hunt next to a river or stream, you can look for leaves and pine cones from specific trees, rocks of all shapes and colors, various birds and animals, and more. You might want to make sure everyone knows what poison ivy and poison oak look like beforehand, so they don't accidentally touch it during the hunt!

Dress for a day of outdoor exploring: Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots are a must for any outdoor trek. Wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows for lots of movement, and dress in layers (and take along an umbrella or rain coat) for unexpected changes in weather. Bring bug spray and a small first aid kit to tend to any bruises, scrapes, or bites. Be sure everyone applies sunscreen, taking frequent breaks throughout the day to reapply.

Record your findings: Have your list attached to a sturdy clipboard with a pencil tied to it, and mark off your finds as you discover them. While taking a favorite leaf from your travels is one thing, for the most part, it's best to leave nature unspoiled. Instead of picking up the treasures you encounter, take a quick picture of them. You'll be able to keep your memories with you always without spoiling the habitat. You can make a positive difference in your community, however, if one of your scavenger list items is to pick up litter that others have carelessly discarded.

Happy hunting!

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