So you’ve mastered fly fishing, and you’re wondering what’s next? What about saltwater fly fishing? This exciting option can be intimidating to even expert fisher(wo)men, but it doesn’t have to be. The thrill of casting out into bigger, wilder waters using the skills you’ve already honed is hard to beat. Up for the challenge? Here are a few tips:

1.   Think through your gear – Not just your Maven Fly shirts and pants, but your rods, lines, and reels too. Saltwater fly fishing usually requires a heavier rod, and you’ll want a line that sinks faster than you’d use otherwise. Luckily, rods have improved a great deal in the last decade and a suitable saltwater rod doesn’t cost nearly what it used to.

2.       Pick the right flies – This isn’t anything new to the seasoned fly fisher, but the flies you’ll need for saltwater fishing may be things you’ve never seen. Talk to your guide ahead of time about what you should bring – and expect these flies to be bigger!

3.       Lengthen your cast – One significant difference is that your cast will need to be longer when fishing saltwater. The good news is you’ve probably already got a decent cast down, and lengthening it will be a fun challenge.

4.       Study your sport – Like all sports, practice makes perfect. It’s hard to keep a skill set fresh without fishing often. Consider joining a saltwater fly fishing club and flip through books and magazines during your downtime. 

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