You can’t open a newspaper or click on a website without seeing another troubling story about a woman affected by breast cancer. It affects about 1 in 8 American women—a startling statistic that would make any female say, “It could happen to me.” Maven Fly is very proud to supporter of Casting for Recovery, a program that offers weekend-long fishing retreats to those afflicted with breast cancer. These 2 ½ day retreats are offered at no cost, and empower women by teaching them the essentials of fly-fishing. Through this process, they find strength and joy, and develop confidence and optimism. It is a support group like no other, with a distinct physical component. 

Fish KissMost of these women know relatively little about fly-fishing when they arrive at the retreat. However, by the end of the weekend, they’ve learned a new skill, and there is great satisfaction in accomplishing a goal. Whether it be tying a fly or casting for the first time, these seemingly small feats mean much more. These retreats are not only empowering from a skills-acquisition standpoint, but also because they bring together women sharing similar experiences. The weekend provides them with an opportunity to connect with others who can empathize and understand their situation, which is an integral part of the healing process. There are discussions concerning not just fishing, but the effects of breast cancer and what to expect. In addition, these retreats take place in beautiful and peaceful settings—always a therapeutic tool. I’ve always believed in the power of fly-fishing, so I’m honored that CfR LogoMaven Fly is assisting Casting for Recovery. We look forward to continuing help them on their mission! Wanna learn more about CfR:

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