Stalking. It has such a negative connotation, doesn’t it? Although, in this case, we aren’t talking about the concept in the way you’d perpetually look up an ex-boyfriend on Facebook—we’re talking about stalking fish.

The process can be exciting, because it requires a bit of strategy and thought, planning out your moves. Although all fish can be “stalked,” some, like carp, are a natural choice.

A few tips for effective creeping:

Tip #1: Shallow water is best.

Fish near the surface are obviously easier to track.

Tip #2: Start early in the morning. 

Go when the water is quietest. Carp tend to gather near lily pads, reeds, or quiet banks. These are good spots to begin.

Tip #3: Choose the right fly.

Do you need a dry fly, a streamer, or a nymph?

Tip #4: Lap the lake.

Try and get a visual and see if you see any fish so you’ll know where to start. If the water is too dark, try baiting up in a couple different areas and checking back on a regular basis.

Tip #5: Once you find the fish, wait for him to leave.

Don’t scare the guy or he won’t return! Once he’s swum off, carefully put your rig in the same spot.

There’s no better feeling than watching that big ol’ fish mouth grab on to your bait, reinforcing your huntress instincts!

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