Do you have a friend or loved one who is a fly fishing fanatic? If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your angler but don’t want to purchase another cheesy t-shirt or coffee mug, we’re here to help! We know you may not be able to afford that top-of-the-line rod and reel, but there is a great variety of cost-efficient, practical and fun merchandise for any occasion. Here are our top 5 suggestions to help you tackle the ideal fly fishing gift.

1. Lanyard 
Several websites carry specialized lanyards for fly fishers. Sometimes called a mountain lanyard, these are designed for comfort and efficiency. Some are even padded at the back of the neck for a long day of fishing and have hooks and clips to carry everything in one place, including nippers, flashlight and more. For women, many of these lanyards come with gems and beads for the fashion-forward fly fisher.

2. Unique tackle box 
Tackle boxes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Choosing a personalized tackle box for the angler in your life will be a great and useful gift that they can enjoy every time they cast a line.

3. Books 
Knowledge is power, and there is an endless selection of books on how to improve fly fishing techniques and where to find the best fishing locations in the world.

4. Technical fabric bag 
When an angler takes off for a weekend adventure, they need a quality bag to hold their gear, clothes and essentials. Choosing a bag that is water resistant and strong to protect its contents will make a thoughtful and functional gift.

5. Art 
One of the standout elements of fly fishing is the connection with nature, and you can capture your angler’s favorite fishing hole with a piece of art. Whether its traditional art like a painting or photograph of their favorite backdrop or a modern twist on art like a trout skin cell phone cover, bring the gorgeous scenery or thrill of the catch home!

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