As the days grow shorter and with cooler weather right around the corner, it is time to transition from our warm weather wardrobe to our fall favorites. It can be tricky to navigate the new season because it is not particularly hot or cold but somewhere in between. Luckily, layering can provide the perfect balance needed for the sometimes unpredictable fall days. With the addition of these three key pieces into your wardrobe, the changing of seasons won’t hinder your active lifestyle. Outdoor activities should be enhanced by the crisp air that fall brings, so whether you are going hiking or on a hayride, these layering essentials have got you covered!

  • Pullover—A pullover is the perfect on-the-go outerwear for fall. Pullovers come in many fabrics and colors, all while providing just the right amount of coverage. This layer is a must have item, especially when it comes to high-intensity activities like running or hiking.
  • Vest—Pairing a vest with a long sleeve shirt provides all of the protection and pockets of a jacket without the excess material. They range from warm and puffy to slim and sleek, making it easy to find a vest for any activity.
  • Fleece Headband—This fun accessory brings a unique twist to your fall outdoor activities. On sunny, fall days, a hat sometimes feels like too much. Fleece headbands help trap the right amount of heat, preventing you from catching cold or becoming too hot.

With these layers, there is no need to sacrifice style for practicality. They can be worn together or interchanged with various outfits but either way, you will never have to worry about the chilly weather getting in the way of fall fun!

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