Fall is the ideal time to plan short, sweet family vacations. Not only has the weather cooled significantly, but the children will be anxious to get outside after days spent in the classroom. However, quick weekend vacations that please everyone can be hard to find. Below is a compiled list of fly fishing areas that have activities everyone in the family can enjoy!

            Hazel Creek: Located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Hazel Creek is one of the best locations for fly fishing in North Carolina. Just down the road, the Annual Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing Festival is held each fall which brings vendors selling everything from art to fly fishing materials. In addition to the breadth of fly fishing culture, the areas around Hazel Creek are perfect for hiking, camping, and just about any water activities you could imagine.

            Firehole River: Because of its home in the Wyoming part of the Yellowstone National Park, Firehole River is an obvious choice for family-friendly fun. The Park is full of fantastic fly fishing areas, but this river is especially perfect because of the three adjacent geysers. Enjoy an unforgettable family vacation with enchanting wildlife, breathtaking sights, and great fly fishing!

            Beaver Kill River: This river is located in the Catskills of New York and boasts an impressive ranking as one of the best trout streams in America. The Catskills are the perfect playground for children of all ages and families will find no shortage of outdoor activities to keep them occupied. In addition to fly fishing, the nearby town of Roscoe, known as “Trout Town, USA,” boasts an impressive history and a handful of shops, the perfect intermission to any fishing excursion.

            South Padre Island: South Padre Island is a well-known vacation spot that also has an impressive fly fishing scene. Located in the Gulf of Mexico in South Texas, this is a beach vacation and a fly fishing trip wrapped up in one. The best of both worlds, this is bound to encourage even the most reluctant teenager to join in on some family fun!

            These vacation spots are only a tiny glimpse into the world of fly fishing in America but hopefully this list provided you with the inspiration to plan your next fall family vacation!

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