It is standard practice in the fishing industry for brands to have a “pro staff” to use and endorse their products. At Maven Fly, our pro staffers are called Brand Ambassadors, and these industry professionals (primarily guides and professional anglers) help promote our products. We are proud to have professional angler Wanda Taylor as part of the Maven Fly family.

We were able to catch up with Wanda recently to find out everything from how she got started fly fishing to practical advice for our readers from a real pro. Check out our Q&A below.

MF: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you first become interested in fly fishing? When did you start?
WT: I have been fishing since I was four years old—my grandmothers taught me. I began fishing even more when I married my ex-husband and fishing partner, professional fly angler Gary Taylor. During those years, I became a fly fishing guide, instructor, TV hostess, published outdoor writer and have been featured in fly fishing videos and online podcasts.

MF: Where is your favorite place to fish?
WT: My favorite place to fish is in the Bahamas for bonefish.

MF: How did you develop your famous casting skills?
WT: I am still developing, and I do that by hanging with the BEST casters in the world, Wulff, Rejeff and Lefty Kreh, and applying what they've taught me.

MF: What types of techniques do you use when teaching your students how to cast?
WT: I use bi-lateral casting so the student can visually see what's going on in the cast. It's eye-opening for most and teaches angling skills at the same time.

MF: What advice would you give to a beginning angler?
WT: Don't take yourself or the sport so seriously—relax and enjoy the cast. The fish will come.

MF: What does it mean to be a Brand Ambassador for Maven Fly?
WT: It means I love their products and want to share them with other outdoor women in the sport.

MF: What is your favorite Maven Fly article of clothing, and why do you like it?
WT: The skorts and new shorts are my favorite. They are functional in all of the active outdoor sports I participate in, and I feel confident in wearing them out to dinner or speaking engagements.

MF: Tell us your best “fish story.”
WT: My most recent favorite fish story is with Diane Fowler, a lung and breast cancer survivor I met at a Casting Carolina retreat in North Carolina. This was her first of many trout on a fly that day. She shared her knowledge of survival skills, coming to terms with the loss of loved ones and recovering from addictions with me, and I shared my love of the sport of fly fishing and respect for her life's journey with her. We were both changed that day by the baptism of water, fish, laughter and fly-gal sisterhood. Diane is an exceptional, courageous woman that just loves to fish. I am honored to call her my friend. This is one of the millions of reasons I love my job!

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