Last month, Maven Fly participated in a huge industry trade show sponsored by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) in Orlando, Florida. More than 1,000 attendees had the opportunity to view and vote for their favorite new fly fishing products—everything from fly rods, waders and clothing items to instructional books and DVDs.

AAFTA works to promote the growth of the fly fishing industry by promoting companies that meet the demand for fly fishing products and services, providing businesses with tools for and information and advocating for access, protection and restoration of fishing waters.

According to, ladies apparel was a huge trend at the ICAST event. Participants were thrilled that companies are taking the time to meet the needs of women anglers who value function, fashion and comfort.

Their review of the event included a spotlight on Maven Fly’s “Maven Fishing Shirt,” “Fly Shirt” “The Maven Fly Short” and the “Maven Vest,” and the writers were impressed at the beauty and functionality of the products. For example, writer Kaycee Hart loved that the standard shirt chest pocket was moved to the sleeve of the “Maven Fishing Shirt,” as women don’t get much function out of chest pockets. She also noted the back of the shirt is longer to prevent ride up, as well as the water repellant and UPF protective material.

“It was a great show,” said Maven Fly founder Lise Lozelle, “I met with old friends and dealers plus a lot of great new people! We launched new accessories including a visor, floppy sun hat and custom lanyards and showcased our new Fly Shirt and Zip Pants. The highlight was a joint ‘Fly Girl’ happy hour that we hosted on Thursday night along with casting for Recovery and Dun Magazine.”

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