We’ve explored the salmon of Lake Michigan and waded through the diverse trout species of the Arizona Black River, but fly fishing is an international hobby with pros and amateurs across the globe. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford and enjoy international travel, consider visiting one of these amazing destinations to expand your fly fishing horizons.
Tierra del Fuego—Patagonia, Argentina
An archipelago at the very tip of South America, Tierra del Fuego is said to be home to some of the world’s largest brown trout with recorded catches weighing up to 101 pounds. The short, cool summers and long, wet winters provide ideal fishing conditions. The average size of a brown trout in the Rio Grande is nine pounds, and one in five fish caught weighs more than 15 pounds. Because of the sheer amount of fish, anglers are almost guaranteed to catch upward of 15 fish a day according to data by the University of Montana and Argentina Fisheries!
Nelson Region—South Island, New Zealand
Known for their crystal clear waters full of brown and rainbow trout, both New Zealand’s North and South Islands play host to fly fishing fanatics from around the globe. Novelist Zane Grey nicknamed New Zealand “the angler’s El Dorado,” and it’s no wonder why. Known for its mild climate and gorgeous scenery, Nelson is home to several long, winding rivers, including the Motueka and the Rai Rivers. Both of these rivers provide easy access to great trout and other species.
Exmouth—North West Cape, Australia
Take a trip Down Under for a chance to catch a variety of exotic fish, including bonefish, trevallies, queenfish, milkfish, parrotfish, yellow tuna, sailfish and black marlin. The ultimate saltwater destination, the Ningaloo Coastline offers a wide range of species with pristine, beautiful waters to boot. 

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