So, you’ve made the decision to learn how to fish. Great! We think you’ll take to it like a fish to water. But…where exactly to begin, you ask? A few pointers to help you get started.

Gear Up!

If you’re a beginner, grab a friend in the know or head to your local fly shop and tell them you’re just getting started. Trust me, they’ll be glad to help. You’ll need a rod, reel, line and leader. The folks at the fly shop can make suggestions, as well as install the backing, line and leader.

Get Legal.

A common mistake many novices make is not purchasing a fishing license. In most states, you can go online, read up about your state’s regulations, and buy right there. You can even print it out at home.

Take a Class…

Most Fly Shops have a certified casting instructor on staff and offer private casting lessons or group classes. There are also several Fly Fishing Schools out there too! Developing a good cast is an essential building block in becoming a fly fisher.

Or You Tube It!

Don’t want the expense or don’t have the time to take a class? Try You Tube. There are tons of informative, step by step videos out there that can help you get started.

Learn Your Fly Types.

In Fly Fishing, there are 4 types of basic flies:

Type #1: Dry Flies are the guys that float on the surface, mimicking a bug.

Type #2:  Nymphs are fished underneath the surface, and look like bugs from the murky depths.

Type #3: Emergers imitate insects coming to the surface to become adults.

Type #4: Steamers resemble leeches, minnows, and other fish food.

Looks like you’re ready to head out! Our next post will cover what to do when you hit the water for the very first time.

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