Fly fishers are just like everyone else—they dream big, pursue their passions and make New Year’s resolutions! Make 2016 a year to remember with these perfect resolutions for anglers.

1. Make more time for yourself (to fish).
It is important to be dedicated to your job, your family and other responsibilities, but it is also healthy and necessary to take time for yourself. Setting aside “me” time can help reduce stress and keep you motivated to meet your goals. This year, take time to escape reality and regroup. If that “me” time happens to be spent knee-deep in water with a rod in your hand—well, that’s just a bonus for you!

2. Spend more time outdoors.
Millions of people have resolved to lose weight or get in better shape this year. Even if these things are not on your to-do list, spending more time outdoors offers a variety of health benefits. Being in the habit of spending time outside makes it easier to work exercise into your schedule. Nature is also shown to increase brain function, creativity and Vitamin D levels and reduce stress.

3. Work on your cast.
New Year’s resolutions are all about improvement, so why not make improvements to your cast? Just like any sport, practice is important!  So take some time to work on your cast, with all the great technology out there you can even film your practice sessions or even better taking a casting lesson from a certified casting instructor!  No matter how good you are there's always something new to learn!

4. Fish responsibly.
Avoid fishing in areas where there is fragile vegetation or a recovering fish population. Practice catch & release fishing and help promote clean waters plus healthy habitats, which are the key to abundant wildlife. Consider getting involved, there are lots of organizations doing great work to protect our waterways!  TroutUnlimited is one of many that we support!

On a personal note, one would assume that when you own a fly fishing business, you fish all the time!  Unfortunately, that is not true... too much fun work to do! So, like many of you, my resolution is to fish more this year!  Tight lines!

Tackle the World in Style!


PS. Might need to work on my fish holds too :)

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