The holiday season is a time filled with food, family, and fun. Unfortunately, it is also a time of stress for most of us, and it can be a balancing act trying to get everything together in time for the festivities. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelming activity of the season and forget that it is supposed to be an enjoyable time. The best way to combat stress this time of year is to carve out some time for yourself in an active way.

As the weather gets colder and the to-do list gets longer, it is easy to make excuses as to why staying active is impractical. However, when you invest in yourself in this way, it helps to make this time of year much more bearable. You would be shocked at the impact a simple 30-minute run, jog, or walk can do for your frame of mind, especially when you are stressed out. Making time for physical activity will help bring more joy to everything you do, no matter how overwhelmed you may be. 

While the kids are in school, right before work, or any moment of free time you can find can be an excellent opportunity to seize the day. Don’t limit yourself to walking, jogging, or running. If those are not your preferred ways to blow off some steam, there are endless options for physical activities to choose from. The important thing is to get moving, in any way that you want. Make your time yours again by utilizing it in the most beneficial way, leading to a happier holiday for everyone!

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