When the final bell rings and your children are finally free from the confines of the educational system for the entire summer, what do they rush home to do first? If your children are like those in many modern American families, they may be in a hurry to run home, jump on the couch, grab an unhealthy snack, and binge watch the newest shows on Netflix, scroll through Facebook, or spend hours playing video games. If you’re a maven mom looking for ways to get your kids active and outdoors this summer, look no further than these tips from Maven Fly!

1. Carve it into the schedule. If your summer runs on a perfectly planned schedule (and whose doesn't with summer ball leagues, meetings, work, games, and social commitments?), make outdoor time a priority by penciling it in. If spending time outside hiking, biking, swimming, or playing is already carved out for them, your kids may be more likely to put down the remote!

2. Get outside together. Why would your kids be enticed to get outdoors if you’re not setting the right example? Make outdoor time family time by planning exciting activities such as a picnic lunch, a friendly (or competitive!) game of kickball, a walk to the park, or day at the pool. Everything is better when you do it together!

3. Pay to play. If your kids are real couch potatoes, they may take some extra convincing. If you already give your children an allowance for completing their weekly chores, make spending at least two hours a day outdoors part of the list. No time outside, no allowance.

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