Lose weight. Eat healthier. Read more books. Go to the gym at least five times a week. Save more money. Watch less television.

New Year’s resolutions — we hear the same ones every year. And while the typical list is full of noble goals, they are very seldom met because they are rarely things we are passionate about. Start 2017 off right by exploring your passions. Once you have zeroed in on what really excites you, create real goals and embrace your maven moments by aspiring to hone your skills, whether it be fly fishing, hiking, photography, business, motherhood, music … the list goes on. Check out these tips from Maven Fly for setting goals, achieving them and being the ultimate maven.

Change your mindset. Most people fail at goal-setting because they are working toward goals for the wrong reasons. You shouldn’t try to change yourself for other people. A goal will most likely only be met if it is important to you. For example, if your 2017 resolution is to get in better shape so you can tackle a really tough hiking trail, do it for you. Do it because you want to take care of your body. Do it because you can’t wait to feel the high of that accomplishment as you step foot over the “finish line.”

Display your goals. Don’t let your goals fall by the wayside. If you’re setting a goal to learn a new fly fishing cast, write it down. Tack it up on your refrigerator, write it in your planner, or make a poster to hang in your office. No matter how you display your goals, having them in front of you every day is a great way to stay motivated.

Make time in your schedule. You can’t change yourself if you don’t change your routine. If your maven moment includes learning more about photography, you have to make time for that. Set aside 30 minutes every day to learn new settings on your camera, go out and shoot candid shots or stills, and read up on new techniques. If photography is what you’re passionate about, that time frame will likely expand.

Practice accountability. Tell someone else about your goal. Make sure it is someone positive who will support your dreams, because telling someone else will help keep you accountable.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Most New Year’s resolutions end before February starts because people are discouraged by failure. Those who set out to lose weight quit because they missed a day at the gym or ate three doughnuts for breakfast. However, failure is a part of life. Don’t call it quits just because of a small setback. Whether you’re learning a new instrument or refining your work/life balance as a working mother, it won’t be a home run every day. Keep dreaming!

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