Experienced fly fishers already know that fishing can be demanding and invigorating. Bringing in that big catch or learning a new fly fishing cast requires skill and strength plus a little luck. Some people like to take things to the next level. For those thrill-seeking anglers who enjoy a challenge, we suggest kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is exciting and presents multiple challenges such as limiting your range of motion and learning to fish while being conscious of your moving platform. Bonus—kayak fishing is inexpensive and has great health benefits!
Kayak fishing is still a relatively new sport, so techniques are still being developed. We suggest you start slow. You can fish for any species of fish in a kayak, but you need to consider your ability before heading out. Think about how far you can paddle and how long it will take you to get to the perfect depth and back. If you have never kayaked, try it first before taking your fishing gear with you. Once you learn how to balance and recover (in case you flip over!), then you can try it with all your gear.
Make sure you are hooked on this sport before you purchase a kayak. They are fairly cheap to rent, so make sure to try it out a few times before purchasing your own. If you do decide to purchase your own kayak, consider features like comfortable seating, storage compartments and transportability. You can also customize them just like boats with backrests, rod holders and other features. When choosing the perfect vessel, consider where you will store your gear.

And when you mastered fishing from your kayak, it's time to try a Stand Up Paddle Board!

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