The leaves are in full color, the air is cool and the ground is hard, which can only mean one thing — it’s the perfect time for hiking! A great cardio workout, hiking has been shown to lower the risk for heart disease, improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels, boost bone density, build strength (particularly in the glutes, hamstrings and the muscles in your hips and calves), help control weight, boost mood and strengthen your core — gorgeous views and fresh air are just a bonus!

Who better to enjoy the sights and scents of the outdoors with than your closest girlfriends? Get the gals together, because with these tips, you’ll want to go hiking every weekend!

1. Pack accordingly. Make a day of it by packing food and finding a scenic overlook to be the backdrop for a girls’ lunch. Be sure to pack plenty of water and dress accordingly. Maven Fly clothing combines fashion and function, and it’s perfect for a day outdoors. The technical fabrics are lightweight, water-resistant and breathable with built-in UPF. Consider the zip pantspullover or fly shirt for a day on the trails.

2. Don’t skip the view. Don’t get so caught up in giggles and gossip that you miss out on the unique views provided by your landscape. Take time to reflect and enjoy a beautiful overlook or a colorful sunset.

3. Turn things up a notch. You can increase the intensity of your hiking workout by using a walking stick, which pushes your upper body muscles to work harder; increasing your walking speed or choosing more difficult paths. Be aware of your surroundings — trying to go too fast can end in disaster if you trip over a tree root or topple downhill!

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