Who knew Maven Fly was more than just perfect fishing clothing? We tend to think of our wardrobes in categories: work clothes, play clothes, dress-up clothes, etc. This ideology starts when we are kids,  just think about the hype around "back to school" shopping and finding that perfect first day outfit! That thinking continues throughout our lives,  finding the perfect interview suit, wedding dress and the list goes on...  Most often because we think of things in categories we don't see the cross-over.  Can you imagine all the possibilities in your closet if you looked at the clothing based on functionality not just the category?  Eye-opening and exciting, right!   A friend recently said to me, if I were you, I would wear Maven Fly clothes everyday.  My first thought was I wish, because that would mean I was fishing everyday!  The comment inspired me to look clothing differently. Happy to report that Maven Fly clothing is great for fishing and more! Interesting that the must-have's that work so well for fishing like UPF, quick-dry and water resistant fabrics plus figure flattering silhouettes and pockets big enough to carry the essentials also are a must for music festivals, football tailgates and more events yet to be determined! Cheers to wearing fishing clothes more often. [caption id="attachment_677" align="alignnone" width="300"]Maven Fly fishing and more! Maven Fly fishing and more![/caption]

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