Ross Bennett, Designer and Lise Lozelle, Owner It's official,  after months of anticipation, Maven Fly has launched!  Don't know that i've been this excited or nervous since my daughter was born!  Bringing a brand to life has some parallels to pregnancy...  you wanna do everything right  to ensure that your baby enters the world healthy and strong!  For Maven Fly,  that meant a killer logo, great branding and high quality materials, from the initial designs, to the patterns, the materials and finished products!  Like babies,  you dream about that moment they make their debut.  For baby Maven Fly, that moment was the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.  We built a booth, carefully laid out the line and took a deep breath....  Happy to report,  that Maven Fly is healthy and strong!  The show favorite was the Fishing Shirt,  UPF 50+ available in white, green and dusty rose.  The idea of high fashion meeting function in outdoor apparel specifically designed to fit a woman's body was a hit! Can't tell you how many times we heard "Finally, something designed for women!"  Maven Fly was motivated by necessity and inspired by my daughter,  she reminds me everyday that anything is possible!
Tackle the World in Style!
  Ross Bennett, Designer and Lise Lozelle, Owner
 Fishing Shirts

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