When you’re an avid fly fisher, the passion can infiltrate other parts of your life. Suddenly, you’re fishing on date night, searching for casting tips your lunch break and planning your future fantasy trips. Summer vacation is almost upon us, which means you’re going to have to add “entertain your children” to your daily to-do list, and what better activity than a little family fly fishing? Check out these great reasons to fish with your kids!

1. Teach patience. It’s no secret that fishing can be hit or miss. Waiting for a bite is the perfect time to teach patience, especially to young children. Emphasize that the best things in life are worth waiting for and that hard work and skill are the basis for making a great catch!

2. Family bonding. Whether it’s a week-long fishing trip or an afternoon at the lake, fishing is a great time for bonding. Encourage open conversation, and your kids won’t be the only ones that learn something!

3. Teach conservation. While your kids most likely learn about environmentalism and conservation at school, the lesson takes on a whole new meaning when you’re experiencing nature first-hand. Explain to your kids that waters and healthy habitats are the key to abundant wildlife and that it is easy to help conserve and protect. Discuss easy ways to get involved, such as donating to a worthwhile project, throwing away your trash and practicing catch and release.

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