It’s a time that is dreaded by Americans across the country — tax season. While gathering your paperwork, meeting with a tax consultant, finding missed write-off opportunities and making additional payments can leave you feeling defeated and stressed, there’s always the chance that instead you will receive a coveted refund check in the mail. If you’ve played your financial cards right this year, check out these amazing fishing trips worth your refund!

1. Backcountry, New Zealand

Head to the beautiful land of the "kiwis" for the trip of a lifetime. Avid anglers will adore sight casting to trophy brown trout.  It's also a great place to hike, take in the scenic landscape and enjoy some great wine!  

A bucket list trip, no doubt.

2. San Juan River, New Mexico

Stay closer to home and head to the Four Corners. The San Juan River is just a few miles northeast in New Mexico and home beautiful rainbow and brown trout. Preservation is an important initiative in the San Juan River Valley and there is a Word-Class, almost 4 mile stretch of water "Quality Water" that is all catch and relese.  This is a fishery that keeps you coming back!

3. Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, New Hampshire & Maine

A great place to fish for smallmouth bass and perch, the Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge spans northern New Hampshire and Maine with its beautiful forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers. Travelers will need to procure a valid New Hampshire or Main fishing license or an interstate waters license, but it the trip is worth it!

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